Your start-to-finish blueprint for launching
profitable offers… at lightspeed!
“Say no more, Kimra.
Help me crush this launch already!”
Y’know… from the outside, launches look pretty darned easy, don’t they?

You see big-name marketers do it all the time. It’s like they just sit back in their chairs, push a big, shiny, red “LAUNCH” button… and sales start pouring in on demand!

Kinda makes ya’ a little jealous, right?
I mean, you’ve been burning it up trying to launch a successful offer for a while now…
but you can’t seem to make it very far off the launch pad…

…even though you’re following the advice of all those launch “experts” down to the letter!

Maybe you’ve never actually gotten to the the launch date, and you’ve got a truckload of half-finished courses and “spectacular ideas” stuck in a Dropbox folder.

Or maybe you’ve gotten to click that shiny, red “LAUNCH” button… but the sales weren’t worth the HUGE amount of time and money you poured into it!

Either way…

You May Be Feeling SO OVER This Whole “Launch” Thing!
IIt’s tedious.
It’s time-consuming.
It’s expensive.

And no matter who you hire to help, you end up having to do most of the work yourself.

This Keeps Most Coaches And Service Providers
From Ever Becoming Intereseller Rockstars In Their Niche
Most coaches have spent months (or even years) trying to figure it all out.

They’ve bought some course, promising to teach them how to create and execute mega-profitable launches that will surely put MILLIONS in their pockets by this time tomorrow…

…only to find out that all they’ve bought with their hard-earned money is:

1) A bunch of vague theories about how launches should work, and
2) A list of software and other tools to go buy.

So they start trying to puzzle it all together on their own… while, of course, working to keep up with all the other tasks needed to keep their businesses afloat!

Sound familiar?

If so, then I have a critical message from the cosmos for you:


See, all those “experts” out there telling you how to launch your offers… are just making it WAY too complicated!

They send people on these crazy 183-step journeys that lead them nowhere… and while most of these experts are well meaning… they just don’t know how to do things efficiently. So they’re teaching people to put in a TON of extra work, simply because they don’t know any better!

It’s NO WONDER you haven’t gotten the results you wanted…

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

I’m all about doing things the simplest way possible.

That’s what allowed me to start from absolute zero and rake in $10K from my FIRST product – and that was during my FIRST 6 WEEKS in business!

And that was back in 2012. By 2015, I had more than 500 members in my Be True, Brand You program… and since then, I’ve conducted multiple million-dollar launches, all using simple, repeatable launch strategies and tools.

So I know a thing or two about launching products, services, and other offers the RIGHT way!

My clients know how to launch stellar offers without breaking a sweat, too!

Some of them had been wrestling with big, complicated launches for a year or more…
…but once they quickly mastered the “blueprint” I gave them… their businesses headed for the stars!

In fact, let’s hear from a few of them right now:

And you know what would totally rock?
If I could add YOUR success story to the list!
I know how hard you’ve been working on launching your offers.

You’ve probably spent more hours than you can count trying to figure out what kind of funnel is going work best…

… how you’re going to get your ideal prospects’ attention…

…and what you’re going to say to them to get them to buy.

And you might even be struggling to figure out exactly what it is that you’re selling! (You don’t have to admit it… but just know that if you’re still trying to nail down your offer… you’re FAR from alone!)

So let me ask you this…

What if you could take all that guesswork, frustration, indecision, and wasted cash and effort… and toss it right out the cargo door?

What if you could follow a proven, step-by-step launch plan…

…and, when you get to the final step – look up and realize that your offer is launched… attracting loads of high-quality traffic… and piling cash into your account?

How would that make you feel?

I bet you’d feel this deep, almost transformative sense of relief!

I mean…

  • No more late nights stressing out… about copywriting, or techy stuff, or ads, or trying to sort out your content
  • No more spending endless months on a launch… and then forcing yourself to feel grateful because you ALMOST broke even this time.
  • No more working 10, 12, or even 14 hour days to try to put all of the pieces of your launch together… and then figuring out you did everything the wrong way.
  • No more telling your family, friends, and followers that your launch is right around the corner… even though it’s basically a pile of digital rubble smoldering somewhere in the deepest reaches of your hard drive.
  • No more giving up the authority, income, and freedom you deserve… from your business… because you can’t seem to get your offer launch to take flight!
What’s not to like about that?

Well, listen…

I’d like to give you an opportunity to grab that exact, step-by-step plan (and a whole lot more) right now!

Say hello to…


A universe of know-how, resources, and strategies to launch your offer at lightspeed… without all the frustration, guesswork, and wasted time!

It doesn’t matter how complicated and tedious your launches have been in the past.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never successfully completed a launch at all.

It doesn’t even matter if, right now, you’re so irritated by all of this launch stuff that you’re ready to stick a fork in it for good… and go drown your sorrows in a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster instead.

If you’re ready to stop overcomplicating this whole launch thing, and start doing exactly what works to start raking in cash in record time…

…then this is exactly where you need to be right now, fellow Earthling.

Ready To Launch comes complete with EVERYTHING you need to choose, plan, and execute your offer launch… and start counting sales WAY sooner than you could have ever dreamed possible!

Now, I couldn’t possibly list all of the swag you’re getting as a Ready To Launch member today, but I do want to give you a quick overview so you can know what to expect when you access the program for the first time.


Ok, so first up…

Your Core “Ready To Launch” Video Training Modules
Here’s where we’re going to cover ALL of the steps to launching your offer quickly and easily… saving you as much guesswork, stress, and time as possible! (And, of course, putting cash in your pocket WAY faster, too!)

There are 3 core modules:

In this video training, I’m going to go through all the steps that you need to take before you launch in order for everything to go smoothly.

You can think of it like a checklist that you just follow from top to bottom, and just check off each step as you go. That way, you’ll ALWAYS know exactly what to do next, so you don’t waste time on a half-dozen “shiny objects.”

And, of course, I’m not just going to be telling you what you need to be doing every step of the way… I’ll be showing you how it’s all done. And I’ll be giving you time-saving hacks along the way, too, so you can shave weeks or even months off your launch time!

In Module 2, we’re going to cover all the steps you need to rake in sales and profits after you’ve officially “opened the doors” to your offer.

You’ll learn about the most common mistakes biz owners make during the launch phase (you might even recognize a few of them from past launch attempts)…

and discover exactly what you need to do to turn prospects into buyers, scale your reach to connect with the most prospects possible, and make sure that only your ideal clients and customers are getting in the door.

And, of course, I’ll be giving you proven shortcuts and insider tips along the way… so that you can absolutely CRUSH it with your launch… and leave your competitors wondering what the heck happened!

After you’ve launched and brought in TONS of excited customers and clients, there are still a few key tasks to take care of. This is where a LOT of coaches and done-for-you service providers mess up, because they think that “post-launch” means “sit back and watch the money roll in.

I’ll show you exactly what steps you need to take after your launch to maximize your success (and set yourself up or even BIGGER launches in the future.

I’ll also recap one of my more exciting launches – one where I brought in more than $1.2 MILLION! So definitely stick around for that, because there’s a TON of “swipeable” tips and intel in there!

If you’re thinking that the core training modules are worth WAY more than the cost of admission… you’re absolutely right.

And still there’s more!

I’m a huge fan of over-delivering (if you didn’t already know that about me, you’re about to find out)… so I’m doing a LOT more than just showing you how to do a fast, profitable launch without all the stress!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Sometimes, ya just gotta have a pen-to-paper old-skool checklist to get stuff done. So I’ve created a nifty little downloadable checklist to take you from zero to launch as quickly and efficiently as possible!
You know what else service providers and coaches stress out about? Keeping tasks organized.

I mean, having a detailed list of everything you need to do is key to pulling off a wildly successful launch…

But you need to organize those tasks in order to make sure everything gets done on time. Otherwise, months will rocket by… and you’ll still be stuck in the “planning phase.”

That’s not going to happen here, though. You’ll have your own handy-dandy calendar to keep all of your launch tasks nice and organized… so you can roll out your launch with complete confidence!

… when you grab your spot in Ready To Launch today…
I’m throwing in a couple of saucy bonuses, too!
Let’s head over to the Bonus Outpost (take a peek, shall we?)


Writing copy is a MAJOR hurdle for LOTS of coaches and service providers. You spend all this time writing emails, and video scripts, and landing pages for your offer funnel… and then they totally miss the mark!

How do I know? Because I hear it from my clients every single day. So I’ve teamed up with Amanda Goldman-Petri and Jodi Sodini from Market Like a Nerd to bring you a full suite of tested-and-proven copy to make it easy to nail your marketing message.

Inside the Lightspeed Launch Template Pack, you’re getting stacks of ready-to-use copy “swipes” that you can customize and plug into your marketing to make quick work out of selling:

  • Physical products
  • Mastermind programs
  • VIP days
  • Group programs
  • Do-it-yourself courses
  • Membership programs
  • Live events
  • Downloadable offers
  • And a whole bunch more!
Now, we’re going to be adding more copy “swipes” to this library in the coming months, including copy for offers like:
  • Done-for-you services
  • Intensives
  • Certification programs
And as a Ready To Launch member, you’ll get access to ALL of these future copy swipes as we release them. So you’ll always have the inspiration and laser-focused messaging to make your offer launches a galactic success!

Whatever copy you need for your launch, you’ll find it here in the Lightspeed Launch Template Pack. And you can use it to your little heart’s content to draw in buyers like you’ve got the gravitational pull of a hundred suns!


Amanda, Jodi and I have another sweet bonus for you, too!

We’re going to be taking you “behind the curtain” and showing you the exact step-by-step process we used to plan and execute our most successful launches EVER!

I’m talking about launches that have raked in $100K or more… sometimes within just a few weeks!

We’re not keeping ANYTHING hidden… so you can “borrow” our processes and use them to create your own powerful, profitable empire!

Right now, we have no plans to make the Lightspeed Launch Briefings available to the rest of the “people of Earth”… but if we do, we’re gonna charge an admission fee of at least $2,000 (and biz owners will be thrilled to pay it)!

But when you pounce on this chance to become a Ready To Launch member today… you’re getting unrestricted access at absolutely NO extra cost!

“I literally cannot wait to grab this deal. So how much is it?”
Fair question! I mean, I’m giving you a step-by-step process that has already generated MILLIONS for me and my clients… and that gives you the power to dream up, plan, and execute ridiculously profitable offer launches whenever the heck you want.

So I totally get it if you think this program is going to cost you more than a joyride to Mars with Sir Richard Branson serving as your personal bartender!

But I wanted to keep this super-affordable… because when you’ve been struggling to launch a successful offer, the last thing you need is to take out a second mortgage to learn how to do it right.

So here’s the deal:

Today, I’m giving you everything I told you about above:

  • Your Core Ready To Launch Video Training Modules
  • Your Downloadable Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Your Downloadable Launch Calendar
  • Your BONUS Lightspeed Launch Template Pack
  • Your BONUS Lightspeed Launch Briefings Access Pass

All to empower you to make quick work out of your next profitable launch… and every launch after that!

But instead of paying $10K or more for it (like most experts charge just to give you a bunch of half-baked theories and untested strategies)… I’m giving it to you for just $995!

But before you click the big, shiny button below… check this out:

I’m willing to finance your Ready To Launch investment at NO extra cost!

(Cue the voice of Billy Mays) But wait! There’s more!

To make it even easier to manage your cash-flow (and still get your space probes on this income-boosting intel), I’ve set up an INTEREST-FREE payment plan:

Just pay $199 today… and then cover the remainder of your investment with 4 monthly payments of $199.

Do the math. You’ll see that I haven’t added a single penny in finance charges or interest!

The way I see it, you’ve got a couple of options here.

1) You can keep trying to figure out all this launch stuff yourself. Maybe after enough years of trial and error (and if you don’t go broke first), you’ll eventually be able to put together a launch that turns a profit. If that’s your directive, then I wish you the best of luck. (You’re gonna need it.)

2) You can tap into a proven, repeatable launch system that has ALREADY generated millions in revenue… launch your product or service in record time… and finally get the income and success you deserve!

Only you can make that choice.

But if you choose door number 2, you’ll have the step-by-step plan to achieve results like these:

I can’t wait to hear how you pulled off the launch of your dreams… with Ready To Launch!


P.S.: Do you really want to waste more months (and more cash) trying to come up with a profitable launch on your own? If you think about it, you probably wasted more money on your last launch attempt than you’re investing in this program today. It’s time to get yourself out of that “black hole” – claim your spot in Ready to Launch now!