You have the ability to create your own brand video and start a live stream show

It can feel overwhelming to think about. There’s all the tech involved. There’s scripts. There’s coming up with topics. There’s finding the time to do it.

It all looks and feels anything but easy.

The struggle is real. Like really, freaking real.

Plugging away, every day, for weeks on end…barely leaving your house. Only to find you don’t have any consistent leads in your inbox.

  • You put content out there but no one is seeing it, let alone binge watching/reading it, making you feel like it’s all a big waste of time.
  • When you are being consistent with your content, you put great sh*t out there! Valuable content your ideal customers would love…if you ever got enough people seeing your posts.
  • You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.
  • Your efforts so far haven’t helped you achieve your goals.
  • You’ve learned some lessons. Even had a few small wins… but you keep sliding back into old habits and lose the momentum. Crap.


We both see our clients struggle with all of the above. We both have processes and systems we bring out clients through to help them reach their online business goals.

Kimra, having close to 5000 students in her courses, pays attention to industry shifts, but also followers her gut when it comes to business. She surveyed her students, we collaborated and brainstormed together, and we came up with a solution for you. A solution that combined our expertise. Two heads are better than one, right?

We are here to help.

If you’ve been in my orbit for a while now, you would’ve seen a few videos of me posting with my buddy Nik. I want to let you know a little bit about Nik and why I’ve decided to partner up with him & how I feel creating this course with him will better your life & business. This video tells it all:

Imagine having a single video that captures your essence and brings in high quality leads at the same time.

That’s what a Freedom Brand Video will do for you!

While your competitors are writing blogs and wasting time trying to sell their ideas verbally, You can do it differently. Way differently.

In a way that feels authentic to YOU.

Leveraging A Freedom Brand Video to get sales, publicity and authority,
While others HIDE behind their websites & photoshopped Instagram photos,
You show up on a brand video as the real you ready to serve and impact people’s lives.

Say goodbye to endless, unfinished video ideas,
And say HELLO to the last video you’ll ever need to blast your brand into the universe!


In May 2014, I started Freedom Hackers. I setup my website and Facebook group. I got the name trademarked. I WAS READY TO ROCK! I started getting some clients and customers but I felt like I couldn’t build the authority I wanted to build.

So in July/August I hosted a series of webinars (essentially live streams, people just didn’t call them live streams at the time) and did a 7-part series which promoted my first signature program, BE TRUE, BRAND YOU.

I ended up making $65,000 in sales in 1 month! I had only started my 3 months prior to that. An industry leader told me:

Keep on doing what you are doing.” I listened to them, and keep on doing live streams. Shortly after this Periscope came out (RIP Periscope, I mean it’s not dead but it kind of is…). I started live streaming EVERY DAY. I ended up with over 10,000 followers on Periscope. I created a brand video. I had never created a brand video before. The video went viral, getting OVER 100,000 VIEWS AND OVER 2000 SHARES on Facebook!! I didn’t know that live streaming and brand videos were going to be so powerful in attracting my ideal customers and clients to my email list. I used my live streaming and my brand video to promote webinars for my Be True, Brand You program launch.

I was, and still am, completely blown away that my second launch was able to do that. I wasn’t expecting it at all. After I examined the launch, I discovered that all the live streaming made me RELEVANT to my audience. They trusted me long before the doors to the program opened so it was easier for them to make a decision to buy. I’m not a master saleswoman, I AM JUST CONNECTED TO MY AUDIENCE IN A DEEP WAY, which happens to be through live streams. As for my brand video, there were people enrolling in my program from seeing that video alone. A friend would tag them on the video and then they would sign up for my program.

The brand video did not have any type of hard pitch for my program. IT SHOWCASED WHO I WAS, MY PASSION, AND WHY I DO WHAT I DO, working with business owners. I know all this because I asked my students why they bought from me. Most said “your live streams were how I was introduced to you” and the rest said “your brand video was so powerful. I felt like you understood me”.

Create brand video that makes you and your brand shine to grow your authority and attract the right people to your business ie ‘dream clients And Pair that with a solid, live stream show that brings in consistent leads and clients. These two things will help you build that momentum in your business that you have been longing to create.

Introducing Kimra and Nik’s course


The #1 thief of progress is a plan. We have designed a clean, straightforward and easy to implement plan for you to launch your videos on time.


The right tools to eliminate confusion. We know video can be intimidating, that’s why we’ve gathered a list of tools, swipe copy and links that you’ll need to make Video Freedom a success!


What good is a video if it doesn’t work FOR you? Not good at all. We’ve distilled the implementation process down into a strategy built to get your brand more sales, publicity & engagement.


We know you are probably the busiest person you know. That’s why we’ve designed a program that fits your entrepreneurial schedule, values and goals.


Failure is not an option. You will be joining the #1 video creation community on planet earth to ensure your success and determination. Inside, you will partner up with an accountability buddy and have access to a handful of live coaching calls with Kimra & Nik!

A note about authority building and positioning in your industry:

You’re having a hard time building your credibility and authority online.
You’ve tried to get clear on your message.
You’ve gotten nowhere. And you are looking for that missing piece.
The piece that will give you consistency and momentum.
That will keep you being RELEVANT to your audience.
VIDEO FREEDOM is right for you if you are ready to be seen as the leader of your niche.

One of my friends, Gary Vee, once told me, that Facebook is the new “TBS, CNN & HISTORY CHANNEL” and it’s our job to create the SHOWS that play on these channels.

So Instead of Dr. Phil giving mediocre relationship advice, It’s now Dr. YOU giving killer relationship advice in real time. You answering your audience’s questions, showing that YOU are the authority in your niche.

People DEMAND authenticity from those they interact with.

That means YOU being YOU is the ONLY way to win in online business.

No need for makeup. No need to hold back your opinions and message. Be controversial and weird if you want. Point is to DO YOU, BOO.

We will work with you to develop a valuable, one-of-a-kind livestream show that you can broadcast with ease to the whole universe.

From there, you’ll watch your viewers turn into fans, and your fans turn into customers.

So get ready. The days of wasting time & being perfect are behind us,

It’s now your moment.

So what do you get in this beta class of Video Freedom Academy:

  • Lifetime Access To 20+ Video Lessons (Taught By Kimra Luna & Nik Koyama)
  • (4) Live Q&A Coaching Calls (w/Kimra & Nik)
  • Facebook community for extra support
  • Accountability Buddies
  • Bonus #1: The 7 Figure Video Course Blueprint (Live Call w/Kimra)
  • Bonus #2: How To Get Fancy With Your Edits (Live Call w/Nik)
  • Bonus #3: 15 Facebook Video Ad Hacks (Live Call/Kimra & Nik)

All of this for only $500. This is our beta round of this program so we are keeping it at a very low price. The next time you see this offer it will not be the same price


Video Freedom is a 4-Week Training Program where you will learn, create and launch proven videos for your business and brand. Along with over 20 Video Lessons, you will take part in live, group coaching calls where Kimra & Nik will personally help you in the creation of your videos. And to top it off, you will retain access to the course, the bonuses and the community for life.

It’s a no-brainer if you’ve getting tired of all the courses

You have until 11:59pm EST on Friday, September 21st, 2018 to join us.

Email me and my team at if you have any questions about VIDEO FREEDOM ACADEMY, or shoot me a message on Facebook here:


Nik Koyama is a creative advisor for the largest online marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. Along with advising, Nik implements his own video strategies and teaches thousands of entrepreneurs how to do the same for their brands.  


How much support do I REALLY get?
4-weeks of live Q&A calls with Kimra and Nik on Fridays. The call is recorded and you can submit your questions before the call and we will answer them, even if you can’t make it live.
You also get access to our private Facebook community where we will post
AND you will be paired up with an accountability buddy for addition support too. We are all supporting each other on this Video Freedom journey!
I sell physical products. Is this course for me?

It certainly is for you. While Video Freedom is for service-based business owners creating a brand video and starting a live streaming show about your physical products would definitely help you stand out from the crowd.